100% Gluten Free Beer

Many people are seriously affected by their body’s inability to cope with a substance known as gluten; a major ingredient byproduct in beer.

MaSH is working on a program to develop a roadmap for commercial breweries who wish to expand their market with products that can be consumed by these affected individuals. The pace of the market on its own seems to be lagging the potential demand. One way to get there faster is to get more homebrewers involved in making great and truly 100% gluten free beer for their friends and family. We also expect that this program will result in many new homebrewers who themselves are affected by gluten but who once loved drinking beer.

MaSH is currently working on the research plan and recruiting sponsors for this research. Fortunately, our club has several scientists, medical professionals and researchers as members so we know how to do this right. Please check back from time to time to monitor our progress.

At a minimum, our aim is to create the best beers across a wide array of styles… and they happen to be gluten-free and not just reduction in gluten as is usually the case. Our focus is on the equipment, sourcing of ingredients, laboratory analysis and certification. Finally, we will establish a tasting panel to advise us on the end result which is “Would I buy this beer?”.