2016 MCF Homebrew Competition Best of Show judging!

2016 MCF Homebrew Competition Best of Show judging!

Welcome to the 2018 Marin County Fair

Homebrewing and label Competition page!

More information to follow as the page is updated with appropriate links once they become available.


important dates!

  • May 18th, 5pm          Entry registration deadline for entries
  • May 28th, noon         Entry dropoff deadline
  • June 2nd                     Judge and Steward registration deadline
  • June 3, 9&10             Judging Days

Entry registration and information coming soon.

NOTE - It's imperative that for styles where base beer, special ingredients, strength, etc. be included with entries as defined in the BJCP guidelines that this information be provided in the Description field of the county registration site. Failing to provide this information may cause your entry to be placed in an incorrect category or even worse it may be judged incorrectly.

Create your bottle labels here, you can type once and get 4 labels. Please use these labels on all 3 submitted entries.

Judge and steward registration

Judges and Stewards please use this Registration link to sign up to assist. Please note the software is designed to manage all aspects of a competition but we are only using the Steward and Judge component. Please disregard the other unrelated information. Thank you!

back this year is a beer label competition

American System of Judging – Awards Offered for Labels

1st Place – $30; 2nd Place – $20; 3rd Place – $10

Submit your label on hard card stock or poster board with dimensions in line with a commercial label for a 12 oz bottle or can. Judges will be solely responsible for determining eligibility and ranking of all entries received.

Deadline: Entries must be received no later than May 28th to be eligible for the competition.

Entries may be mailed to:

Marin Society of Homebrewers (MaSH)

c/o Damien Perry

685 Appleberry Dr

San Rafael, CA 94903



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Thank you to all the supporters that have helped make this event great.