Quarterly Styles Competition Presentations, Winners and Recipes!

This page contains the club quarterly style selections, presentations provided at club meetings, the winners for each comp and when available the recipe used, just click the members name. Also at the bottom of the page are the rules for the QS competition.

Q4 2018 - Rye beer - grain bill must be a minimum 15% rye

Q3 2018 - Spice/herb/vegetable beer (Category 30)

  1. Kevin McMahon - Seaweed Gose

  2. Damien Perry - Cinnamon Dunkelweizen

  3. Rusty Howson - NEIPA wRosemary

Q2 2018 - Specialty IPA (BJCP Category 21B)

  1. Damien Perry and Jonathan Massman

Q1 2018 - Irish beer(BJCP Category 15)

  1. Kevin McMahon - Irish Red Ale

  2. Rick Story - Dry Irish Stout

  3. Jim Files - Dry Irish Stout

Q4 2017 - winter warmers - PRESENTED BY damien

  1. Bob Casey - Baltic Porter

  2. Damien Perry - Spiced Brown Ale

  3. Rusty Howson - El Choco (Mexican stout - Stout with Cinnamon, Chocolate and Chili Peppers)

Q3 2017 - sours/wild/fruit beers - PRESENTED BY kevin

  1. Kevin McMahon - Plum Ale

  2. Kevin McMahon - ??

  3. Eric Pratt (I think)

Q2 2017 - Lawnmower beers - PRESENTED BY damien

  1. Damien Perry - American Wheat

  2. Kevin McMahon - American Pale Ale


  1. Jason Nau - Maibock

  2. Eric Pratt - Munich Helles

  3. Jim Files - Dunkles Bock

Honorable Mention - Kevin McMahon - Munich Dunkel

Popular Vote Winner! - Jim Files' Dunkles Bock

Q4 2016 - Dark Mild - presented by damien

  1. Damien Perry

  2. Damien Perry

  3. Jim Files

Q3 2016 - Summer Brews Hefeweizen and American Wheat - presented by eric

  1. Damien Perry (Hefe)

  2. Eric Pratt (Am Wheat)

  3. Ron Wolf (Hefe)

Q2 2016 - Belgian Wit - presented by Jim

  1. Ron Wolf

  2. Steve Petcavich

  3. Bill Lofgren

  4. HM - Damien Perry (Mango wit)

Q1 2016 - California Common - PRESENTED BY JIM

  1. Ron Wolf

  2. Mark Ruder

  3. Damien Perry

  4. HM - Steve Petcavich

quarterly style competition Rules:

  1. Members may enter more than one entry (2 maximum) if total entries is less than 10.

  2. Members may only win one quarterly prize regardless of how many of their entries place. The highest level prize will be awarded with the forfeited prize going back to the club. For example if the same person wins first and third place they will get the first place prize, win both titles and the third place prize goes back to the club for future use.

  3. At this time prizes are gift certificates to J&M in the following denominations - 1st place = $40, 2nd place = $20, 3rd place = $10. Popular vote award = $20. Occasionally bonus prizes are provided as well.

  4. Drop-off dates will be posted on the site but if the date doesn't work for a club member please email marinmashers@gmail.com to work out another drop-off / pickup.

    • Recipes must be provided for all entries. This will aid judges in providing more detailed feedback. Please submit recipes using this form.

    • Please provide two 12 ounce bottles or 1 bomber for judge review and two 12 ounce bottles or 1 bomber for popular vote. Please provide both sets of bottles at drop off (don't bring popular vote beer separately to the meeting.)

  5. For 2017, style themes have been selected to give participants more selection. Winner will no longer select style.

  6. Currently the quarterly style competition is for MaSH members only.

Our judges hard at work.

Our judges hard at work.